DLYMI - Weddings



Create a unique experience for you and your guests

We help with you choose a suitable song if you haven't selected one already.
Design a choreography to fit your personal style.
Make sure you look elegant and graceful on the dance floor.

Make your special night a memory for a lifetime

It is important to start the process early enough to give yourself time to learn your Wedding Dance routine and to practice it as well. Last minute attempts to learn a new routine might add unnecessary stress. We recommend 6 to 10 private lessons plus another one hour of practice on your own, for each hour of lessons.

The video below just thrills me, I love it. The couple in this video are not my students (I wish they were). It took them a year of practicing, an hour a week every week. This shows what can be done when you learn a specific routine and practice it enough to make it all come together.